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JustFiber® brand fibers have the unique ability to increase yield in meat applications such as sausage and other ground meat products. While these fibers have superior water and fat retention capabilities, they are also effective in significantly reducing shrinkage during cooking and freezing. A yield increase equals overall cost savings!

Functionality and Product Suggestions

A combination of JustFiber Inner Pea Fiber and Bamboo Fiber in sausage helps the meat to retain emulsions of fat and water during cooking and freezing (Inner Pea Fiber holds 4-8 times its’ own weight in water). The fibers also reduce shrinkage during cooking further increasing yield. As a result, these functional qualities allow for increased tenderness and better overall physical appearance of the finished product.

Suggested Grades:

JustFiber® IPF 200
BFC 40

Taco Meat
The addition of JustFiber cellulose to ground meat in taco applications reduces cook loss, increases freeze-thaw stability, reduces shrinkage after cooking, improves water and fat distribution, and creates unique textures. The addition of fiber also reduces the fat and calories of the overall product, allowing for the development of a healthier product option.

Suggested Grades:

JustFiber® C40 FCC 2%

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